Global Easy Water Products Pvt. Ltd. (GEWP) established in 2004 is a for profit company registered under Indian Companies Act 1956.
GEWP is an authorised seller and distributor of the KB (Krishak Bandhu) brand of micro irrigation products.
GEWP sources micro irrigation equipments from local manufactures, and sells the same using network of supply chain which includes dealers/distributors and retailers.

Global Easy Water Products (GEWP) is a for profit social enterprise in India that focuses on developing and delivering low-cost irrigation solutions to small farmers who are often overlooked by technology advancements. Global Easy Water Products’ mission is to distribute products that help smallholder farmers to increase their available income, improve their nutrition and earn their way out of poverty.

GEWP specializes in the area of affordable micro-irrigation and water storage. Our portfolio contains over 50 different products primarily in drip tape, micro sprinklers, fertilizer tanks and flexible water storage tanks. The first and most successful product is the flexible Krishak Bandhu (KB)drip tape. Different thicknesses of drip tape are produced to correspond with the requirements for short-term (vegetables), medium-term (sugarcane & banana), and long-term crops (mango, sweet lime, pomegranate). The small drip irrigation kits like bucket & drum kits and family nutrition kits are specially designed for women and reduce workload and improve nutrition through kitchen gardening of vegetables.

Part of the reason for the success of Global Easy Water Products is the focus on affordability and modularity that make the products more accessible to their small farmer clients. In order to be produced by GEWP, products must pay for themselves in one crop season. In addition, farmers must be able to purchase a system small enough to experiment with, and then have the ability to expand their area under drip irrigation as their income grows. These two principles have also lead to the development of innovative, affordable products in related areas such as fertigation and water storage. Most products have been engineered in collaboration with International Development Enterprises India to specifically meet the needs of small holder farmers.

Our Products

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinklers
  • Water lifting
  • Water Storage
  • Water Conveyance

Global Accolades




Global Easy Water Products Pvt. Ltd. (GEWP) has been chosen as one of the Finalists for the 2008 Legatum FORTUNE Technology Prize.